Young Way

Videos for children and young adults, includes: animations, music videos made by children and stories made by kids in community.

  1. Fun in our studio making Trachoma Hygiene Education Videos.
  2. Bloopers YCTV. Making YiraraTV can be a lot of work but also a lot of fun!
  3. Behind the scenes at Yirara TV
  4. Our amazing Swimming Carnival 2021, Special Baptism/Communion Day plus we say goodbye to Nurse Jenny
  5. Nyintini Kungka - Kintore Kungka Band (Walungurru)
  7. THERE for YOU - Yirrara College SYM
  8. Warruwi - Both Worlds
  9. MABU BURU LIFESTYLE EPISODE 6 - The kids have a "flip session" to help pass the time.
  10. Urta Mperlarra pa Harry pa Apma
  11. Urta Super pa Urta Mpurlparna by Maddy & Aaliarna
  12. WonderBell and her Magical Ngetya Walking Stick
  13. Superhero Yeya: Max pa Kelvin
  14. Apma Sam pa ilentya Lee
  15. Shanicka pa Shakira pa Pangkalangka
  16. Irtnwera pa Mparlparna by Shakayla Ngala
  17. Hailey pa Hunter by Hailey Peltharra
  18. Rrweketya Wonder pa Thipa by Helaina Kemarra
  19. Wonder Kwarra pa Thipa by Kaycee Kemarra
  20. Hailey pa Pertame School by Hailey Kemarra