The Shut Down of Joy Baluch Bridge - PORT AUGUSTA

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Description Shut Down Australia is a grassroots campaign to oppose the federal and state governments' plan to forcibly close Aboriginal homeland communities in Australia.
Shut Down Port Augusta closed the Joy Baluch AM Bridge for 60 minutes to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land.There's only one way across town in Port Augusta and for an hour today Shut Down Australia did just that forcing the closure of the bridge.

500 to 600 people, from all walks of lives and ethnicities, joined together to send a message around Australia and via social media to the world simply stating the forced closure of remote communities all across Australia will not be tolerated.

As a big believer in solidarity and the strength of standing as one it was amazing to see all of the men painted up joining together surrounded by the letters of Sovereignty.

The minutes silence on the bridge also made a huge impact remembering elders passed.

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